Adoption & Foster Care

This  page is designed to provide information on foster to adopt and hopefully encourage involvement.


As McMillan & Life, we had the privilege  of being artist advocates for World Vision for two years and Compassion International for three. We still fully believe in these ministries and all that they do for underprivileged children around the world.


We know many people that have felt led to adopt children from other countries, often spending thousands of dollars and long periods of time in the process. However, when we began the adoption process our eyes were quickly opened to the massive need of children here in our own country. People often ask us “where did your children come from” assuming we have adopted internationally. Many are surprised when we tell the Tampa. These questions and others reaffirm our conviction to concentrate our focus and energies on bringing awareness to the enormous need here at home.


When we began the process four years ago, we learned that there were approximately 850,000 children in our country’s foster care system. The numbers were mind boggling and heartbreaking. Today the number is over 1,000,000.


Here are a few simple facts that may be surprising. This information is specific to the state of Florida. While states vary to some degree, many of the basics are the same. 


Some Simple Facts


    Home studies (the approval process) for foster care and adoption are done at no charge by the foster care system or their local affiliate. This same process can cost thousands when done through a private adoption agency whether for domestic or international adoption.


    The states Attourney provides legal services to facilitate adoptions at no cost to the caregiver or adopting parents. As a result, the only actual expense for foster to adopt is a minimal court filing fee which is tax deductible. There is also a generous tax credit for each completed adoption.


    Children adopted out of the foster system in Florida are provided full medical, dental and optical care to the age of 18 or to 24 if they are students. In addition they receive college education at no cost at any Florida state college. This has recently been extended from a bachelors degree to the age of twenty six which allows the possibility of a doctorate degree.


While these points highlight the financial aspects of foster too adopt, they are far from the most important. People often say what an impact adoption makes in a child’s life. To this we say, the impact and fulfillment adoption will bring to your life is invaluable and indescribable. Our life has been changed in ways we never dreamed.

For more information contact your state or community based foster care agency.